One fundraiser was presented at our information meeting by volunteer parent Marianne Leclerc:

Jack-in-the-box coupon books

  1. You would sell the books for $5, keep $4 and return $1 for each book to Marianne who would turn the funds into Jack-in-the-box.
  2. They may (or may not - no promises) gift us back the $1 after the fundraiser is completely finished (which we could use for general trip expenses, tips, etc. with the remaining money going back to ths students who sold on a prorated basis taking into the equation the amount they sold.)
  3. You do not need to pre-pay the $1, but you need to pay before receiving more.
  4. There is no risk, in that you may return any unused books you do not sell, but all books need to be accounted for.
  5. It is suggested that you approach the sell by asking people if they would please invest $20 in your future and in exchange, they will receive four books to keep or distribute to their family, friends, co-workers, etc.
  6. Jack-in-the-box will also allow you to set up a booth outside their restaurant to sell the books to their patrons who are entering the restaurant or drive thru line.

During the meeting, Marianne received the following beinning orders for the coupon books.

  • Aleah Jaquez - 400 books
  • Jayleen Chapa - 100 books
  • LaFrancis George - 100 books
  • Bert Armstrong - 200 books
  • Cecile Leclerc - 200 books
  • Jordin Guzman - 400 books

I will contact you when the books are available.