Seniors vote on Cap/Gown or Tux/Drape pics for yearbook.
Seniors… you get to vote… whether you want to use your cap/gown or your tux/drape photos in the yearbook.

View a low-res PDF of both sets of pics here.

The pics are posted outside the SEM office RIGHT NOW.  Please note that they have not yet been touched up for acne nor have them been lightened - they are too dark to print well right now.  Both issues will be taken care of prior to printing.

If your photo is missing, I need a headshot photo ASAP - preferably by Thursday.  We have a spare cap/gown you can take your pic in, or we can "Photoshop" you into one.  Same for Tux (as all the missing photos are of guys.)

OPTIONAL:  If you want to order pics:
 If you want to view and order pics, please go to:
Guest password is: townview 2015 (NOT what was on the flyer you took home.)
Thank you!
Vote for Yearbook Pic Choice